Friday, 7 September 2012

Emerging from under the rock

It finally feels like I have time to breathe after a fairly hectic last couple of weeks, the has been an immense shift in my life in regards to work and the amount of free time I have to allocated to anything in my life but I'm going to try to do better.

My little blue car sitting lonely in the car park, after a late finish 
I started a new job almost a month ago now and while I am busier, more tired and have to make appointments to see friends and family I am incredibly happy with this decision that I have made. I now work as a team leader in a quite well know family restaurant chain and even though the training schedule has been intense and my social life has shifted well into the background I am genuinely loving it.

My farewell gift from my last job very sweet of them, I will miss working with them
I'm working more and make more money and actually working at keep track where it is going which is a whole new step for me, I also have had to go through the process of buying a whole new work wardrobe though I have keep pieces that are hospitality neutral, I have also had to buy clothes that fit with the corporate casual look that is require while I am team leading my shifts. So money coming in and going out has been an issue but it is slow balancing out, I can see how my bank balance with a bit of nip-tucking and some focus on my part will be turning in my favor.

Travel has also been a big part of the past month I now have to drive about 40 minutes extra each day so my little blue car has been racking up the miles but this was always something that was going to happen when the boy lives a 300km round trip away. Also I'm counting down and hanging out for my family ( well minus my parents) trip to Bali in November, its all paid for now so just working on saving the spending money and it will be a well deserved two weeks away. My parents, the boys mum and step dad and his sisters family have all just return from trips to Bali, Fuji and Thailand respectively and as I was housesitting with the boy at his sisters I was delightful spoiled on their return with a sample pack a Nina Ricci fragrances which smells so amazing.

Driving, Driving, Driving, I alway seem to be driving
The pup exploring, the kids cubby house

The boys sisters cat, she is cra-cra-crazy, but lovely at the same time

Ponies have been missing me, or they are just looking for more carrots

My gorgeous thank you gift, love it

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  1. haha I'd be kind of scared to walk across that parking lot alone at night.