Monday, 25 June 2012

Money Monday, the rainy day edition

So last week I felt my first earthquake and this weekk there has been so much rain and flooding that my neighboring towns have faces evacuations and complete isolation after being cut off by flood waters, hmmm maybe the Mayans had a point. Another big thing I've come face to face with this week is yet again my money situation or more accurately my attitude towards my money. I have had a credit card with a limit of over $7000 since I was 19 years old, so naturally over time it's has begun to feel like its my money rather than money lent to me by someone else that I eventually h r to pay back. Though I am in no way deny that I have not had the most amazing time over the past 6 years using it to travel the world, and to see/do things that I otherwise would of had to say no to. But here is the biggest shift that has been taking place over the past couple of week changing my way of thinking to understand that it is no longer 'my' money that is had basically been a loan that I have to pay off again because yes I have paid off over 7K in debt before and definitely plan to do it this time. But it was in a frank discussion that I was having with the boys parents last night when another new thought process was presented to me, using the banks money. For example getting paid directly into my credit card account and then using that as my regular account so using my pay to pay down the principle money owing and then using the money is the account for paying my car payments, phone bill, insurance and fuel as well as my weekly allowance. I have not put this theory into action yet but the idea is one that may definitely work for my situation. Because currently when I have money left in my savings account at the end of the week I no doubt spend it, whereas if it was in my credit card account then I would you use it because I am very aware of every cent that moves in that account. So my current plan of attack id to implement this theory in the new financial year and see if I can't go gangbusters on my credit card debt.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

I feel the Earth move under my feet!

We had a 5.2 magnitude earthquake here in Victoria last night. It struck as I was in bed watching a video on my computer and the whole room started shaking, it was scary and just a bit weird. Facebook lit up afterwards and this was something that was post afterwards and it truly made me laugh.


Have a Great Day!

Monday, 18 June 2012

Money Monday!

Well last week was a bit of a struggle, it was one of those weeks were all the bills seem to show up at once, all demanding to be paid and by the end of the week, you have exactly $13.20 to you name. Not fun at all, but this is why I'm paying my credit card off, because it is the biggest chunk out of my weekly budget, at the moment I am paying on average $150 off my debts each week, I just need to stick to this plan and keep on keeping on and eventually my bank balance will start reading positive figures. I've done it before but this time it will be permanent.

Other than all the bills this past week was a pretty good one, besides the fact that my accident prone nature caught up to me at work and I slice an over inch long gash into my middle finger on my left hand a big whoops. My bosses wife took my to two different doctor surgeries till we found one that was open that late on a Saturday. So after 2 hours of waiting with an impatient 3 year old in the waiting area I was all glued up and ready to go back to work. But it just goes along with my previous injury list, breaking my wrist sitting down in music class, stabbing myself in the leg while husking corn, being head-butted by a horse and breaking 6 bones in my face then 3 months later head-butting the other-side into a gate latch at 4am when starting work. I could give Bella Swan a run for her money in the accident prone department, though she can keep the creepy virgin vampire lovers thank you very much.

the most recent accidental damage

This is what 6 broken bones looks like at 5 in the morning
And at 8 that night
And making the sides match up

So hoping for a better week this week and if you could all keep my mum in your thoughts as she under goes double knee replacements this week thanks very much!

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Money Monday..... on a wednesday.....? whoops

because it makes me smile and sometimes we all need a hug

The past couple of weeks have been slightly hellish for me money wise, I've been trying really hard at sticking to my 'budget' and idea of what I have to spend but sometimes I fail,  I've posted about it on here before and I will continue to because being honest and having this blog to report to is a way of keep me on track.

So what have I done to help myself money wise lately?

- Reduced my credit card limit on my original card to $7800 (I'm aiming to have it down to under 7K within the next 2 months)

- Paid at least $150 off my credit card debt each week, some weeks just that much but others like this week I also made a payment on my no interest card of $60

- Started learning to use and appreciate the word 'no', even when its hard, like when my sister wants me to go to a Lady Antebellum Concert with her (yes, yes please!! NO!),  saying no to even walking into all the shops that are having their end of financial year sales (nope keep walking lady), saying no to going out to the movies with my girl friends (how about you come over and we watch one of the 1000s of DVDs I have instead)

I am making progress, it was never going to be a all or nothing statement with me, I can't quit spending cold turkey, I tried that with sugar this week it made me quite ill, but I can do the little cut each and every day that will make a difference in the long run.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

I haven't written on here in over two weeks, in doing so I've missed two of the deadlines I've set for myself,  I have had the best intentions of writing posts and gotten to the point where my fingers touch the keys and have stopped myself, unsure of what I want to say. Of what I want this blog to be.

I want it to be a place where I can share and be honest about what is happening in my life, but first I feel like I need to decide what is happening in my life. I'm 25 years old and am finally starting to feel like I might know what I want to be when I grow up and that scares the crap out of me but excites me so much as well because I finally discovering that it is possible. I'm sure I will share more about this at a later date right now it's just a small idea bubbling away inside of me growing more as each day does, and you know how the saying goes from little things big things grow.

I will be back next monday with a new Money Monday, and I'm aiming to be posting here more I already have drafts and dot point post idea on my computer and plenty more floating around my head, but I'm still new at this, but I'm getting there.