Monday, 18 June 2012

Money Monday!

Well last week was a bit of a struggle, it was one of those weeks were all the bills seem to show up at once, all demanding to be paid and by the end of the week, you have exactly $13.20 to you name. Not fun at all, but this is why I'm paying my credit card off, because it is the biggest chunk out of my weekly budget, at the moment I am paying on average $150 off my debts each week, I just need to stick to this plan and keep on keeping on and eventually my bank balance will start reading positive figures. I've done it before but this time it will be permanent.

Other than all the bills this past week was a pretty good one, besides the fact that my accident prone nature caught up to me at work and I slice an over inch long gash into my middle finger on my left hand a big whoops. My bosses wife took my to two different doctor surgeries till we found one that was open that late on a Saturday. So after 2 hours of waiting with an impatient 3 year old in the waiting area I was all glued up and ready to go back to work. But it just goes along with my previous injury list, breaking my wrist sitting down in music class, stabbing myself in the leg while husking corn, being head-butted by a horse and breaking 6 bones in my face then 3 months later head-butting the other-side into a gate latch at 4am when starting work. I could give Bella Swan a run for her money in the accident prone department, though she can keep the creepy virgin vampire lovers thank you very much.

the most recent accidental damage

This is what 6 broken bones looks like at 5 in the morning
And at 8 that night
And making the sides match up

So hoping for a better week this week and if you could all keep my mum in your thoughts as she under goes double knee replacements this week thanks very much!


  1. Thanks so much I do feel a lot better, thanks for taking the time to read and comment