Monday, 30 July 2012

My life on monday

I miss last weeks scheduled monday update because I've been dealing with everything involved with changing jobs, learning a whole new menu and order method as well as an entirely different service pattern moving from cafe to restaurant. I'm thoroughly enjoying the challenge and am really excited about my first full week next week and then starting team leader training in the next month or so. Also the extra money a week will be extremely helpful in the paying done of my debt and saving some money to be able fully enjoy my holiday to Bali with my family in November.

I have also began to place a big effort and large chunk of my time on getting fit and eating cleaner, adding more fruit and vegetables into my diet and deleting a lot of the sugar that I current consume. It has only been a week and I'm already starting to notice a difference in the way I am feeling so onwards and upwards I say.

I also got to spend a great weekend with the boy in his home town last weekend which was really nice but however my phone had died so there is no photos, but we did get a chance to visit the charming maritime museum in the next town over and it was delightful we'll have to go back soon so I can get some photos to post here because the surrounds are really gorgeous.

Monday, 16 July 2012

Money Monday, my past week and looking forward to the future

This week has been a moving forward week with my life and money, today was an especially productive day, I drove home from the boys house and managed not to hit any traffic which is awesome for a monday. I had my second job interview in as many weeks and the first of three I have organized this week. After which I spent the afternoon in front of the computer sorting out and lodging my tax forms.

My biggest step for me is that I made a delicious dinner for my family, made entirely from ingredients from my fridge, freezer and cupboards. I'm very proud of this because I'm a person who often makes trips to the supermarket full of good intentions, buying lots of fresh and delicious looking ingredients, which then sit in the fridge and are destined to end in up in the rubbish bin rather than in the frying pan.

Sunday was for hanging out with the boy and going out to visit the block that will within the next 6 months become his home, its amazing watching him go through this process and start to see his future and all the bright things that are in store for him. We spent the afternoon washing his lovely dog who had absolute ball running around at the block, splashing through all the deep puddles, climbing dirt mountains, I wish I would have remembered to take my camera but we both left them in the car.

Its exciting looking into the future and seeing little bits of what could be.

Monday, 9 July 2012

Money Monday

My hairdressing attempt not too shabby I think
This past week has been quite a stressful week money wise for me, there was a huge stuff up with getting paid from my boss and I didn't end up getting paid until friday when I was supposed to be getting paid on monday/tuesday and I had all my direct debits coming out on Wednesday. Yep it was really fun, but it all got sorted out in the end but it has fueled my resolve to keep looking for another job and to find a way to make more money as it stands.

I also cut my own fringe, something that I have been debating for the last couple of weeks as my vision was being affected by my weed like growing fringe. I am quite happy with the result and have decided to not dye my hair for the next couple of months and to let the natural colour grow through and then get blonde highlights at the beginning of summer if I have saved enough money. Yes I am putting my haircut and colour on lay-by until I can afford it.

June 30th has rolled around and the new financial year is here, I know my original plan was to be debt free by the end of this year, but I think a more realistic plan is to aim to be debt free by the start of next financial year. I know this is moving the goal posts in terms of my ideal goal but I feel that setting a more attainable goal that I can achieve will be better for myself in the long run.

Monday, 2 July 2012

Money Monday

So this past week has been quite different on the money front for me, for me the whole journey to being debt free (or at least massive credit card debt free) is based on trying out different ideas and techniques to discover what works for me. My entire life up until this point has been lived through trial and error, doing things one way until it doesn't work any more and then trying something different.

My biggest thing is not giving up finding the will and the motivation to keep going, working away at it dollar by dollar until I get where I want to be. It's the biggest thing for me, it won't happen overnight but it will happen.My biggest problem is that I look at the big picture and worry too much I see the huge number in debit I am and get overwhelmed by it, instead over focusing on each dollar that it goes down. So my new plan is to focus on each $1000 that I knock off, I'm on my way and that is what I need to focus on.

After a slight stuff up with hours this past week I somehow ended up with both Saturday and Sunday off so I took great joy in getting to spend Friday night with the boy and I had the middle sister's birthday on Saturday night. After I got home in the wee hours of sunday morning I decided to enjoy the rest of my sunday by going to my first AFL game for the year unfortunately St Kilda lost but I had a great time hanging out with my sister and grandpa at the game, it was a good weekend.
the boys puppy cooking in front of the fire, lovely and warm

my weekly view on the ways to the boys

Gotta love footy under the big lights

I love this city

Older Sis and pappa on the train home