Monday, 16 July 2012

Money Monday, my past week and looking forward to the future

This week has been a moving forward week with my life and money, today was an especially productive day, I drove home from the boys house and managed not to hit any traffic which is awesome for a monday. I had my second job interview in as many weeks and the first of three I have organized this week. After which I spent the afternoon in front of the computer sorting out and lodging my tax forms.

My biggest step for me is that I made a delicious dinner for my family, made entirely from ingredients from my fridge, freezer and cupboards. I'm very proud of this because I'm a person who often makes trips to the supermarket full of good intentions, buying lots of fresh and delicious looking ingredients, which then sit in the fridge and are destined to end in up in the rubbish bin rather than in the frying pan.

Sunday was for hanging out with the boy and going out to visit the block that will within the next 6 months become his home, its amazing watching him go through this process and start to see his future and all the bright things that are in store for him. We spent the afternoon washing his lovely dog who had absolute ball running around at the block, splashing through all the deep puddles, climbing dirt mountains, I wish I would have remembered to take my camera but we both left them in the car.

Its exciting looking into the future and seeing little bits of what could be.

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