Monday, 9 July 2012

Money Monday

My hairdressing attempt not too shabby I think
This past week has been quite a stressful week money wise for me, there was a huge stuff up with getting paid from my boss and I didn't end up getting paid until friday when I was supposed to be getting paid on monday/tuesday and I had all my direct debits coming out on Wednesday. Yep it was really fun, but it all got sorted out in the end but it has fueled my resolve to keep looking for another job and to find a way to make more money as it stands.

I also cut my own fringe, something that I have been debating for the last couple of weeks as my vision was being affected by my weed like growing fringe. I am quite happy with the result and have decided to not dye my hair for the next couple of months and to let the natural colour grow through and then get blonde highlights at the beginning of summer if I have saved enough money. Yes I am putting my haircut and colour on lay-by until I can afford it.

June 30th has rolled around and the new financial year is here, I know my original plan was to be debt free by the end of this year, but I think a more realistic plan is to aim to be debt free by the start of next financial year. I know this is moving the goal posts in terms of my ideal goal but I feel that setting a more attainable goal that I can achieve will be better for myself in the long run.

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