Friday, 15 November 2013

So this Week ...

This week has been one of the funniest, most frustrating weeks in recent history for me.

The Funny

  • I went to a Wedding, did the chicken dance with my 76 year old Nanna and got told by my cousin that I do the YMCA wrong (our DJ told us that it was the most random list of requests that he'd ever had for a wedding). Then I caught the bouquet, well it landed behind me and I happened to pick it up, so now the boy is under even more pressure from other people (who are not me) to pop the question, poor love. But I had a blast, and more than a few wines.

  • I found out returning to work after my weekend (Monday, Tuesday) that the other apprentice had managed to con the boss into buying one of his knifes off him because he had accidental dropped it while opening the packet, the same apprentice who had 2 months early burnt the cord off the mini blender and not paid for it, whoops!

The Frustrating

  • Our Washing Machine that is less than six months old has somehow broken and will not work meaning that to wash the oodles of clothes that come from Mr Truck Driver and myself the Chef I have to go into town and pay $6 a load to wash my clothes, so today I did four load before running out of coins, though I still have a full laundry basket. The most frustrating part of this whole process is that I have 2 and a half days off during the week and Mr Truck Driver is home on weekends, but the only day the technician can come out and look at it, Thursday the day I have to be at work from 10 am until 10pm. Yep.
So that's the rundown on my week that was, life's a rollercoaster enjoy the ride.

Friday, 8 November 2013

Yet again its been forever since I blogged, but now I back filled with new post ideas and enthusiasm as well as NBN powered internet.

So lets go over what's happened in the past few months since I blogged last

  •  The boy and I have moved into our own brand spanking new house, there has definitely been some adjusting required but we are getting there and loving the freedom of not having to live with anyone else besides our extreme spoiled staffie Soxsy.

  • I've been continuing my Cookery Apprenticeship and am still loving it, its not easy by any stretch of the imagination but I know it will be worth it in the end. The part of me the is a student of life is very much enjoying the fact that I am basically getting paid to learn.

  • I got to travel to Fiji for my beautiful cousins wedding and I have a post coming up soon on how to save money  when attending weddings which I really excited about.
I hope you are all having a great week

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans, or why sometimes I don't blog.

The past couple of months have been a complete overhaul for my life, from where I lived to what my job is, to what I want to do for the rest of my life. I've had to look inside myself and find out truly what I want to do and who I want to be.

After many months of thought I have gone through the process of quitting my poorly paying part time job to move to a poorly paying full time job the biggest difference is now there is light at the end of the tunnel, because I have started work as an Apprentice Chef, which means that in 3 years (or sooner if I can get my butt into gear and work hard at the school side of it), I will be a fully qualified chef and hopefully in a much better paying job and on the road to my dream job with is owning and running my own cafe/restaurant. It is short term (financial) pain for hopefully long term gain.

I made this decision after realising that my passion did lie in hospitality but that I was just working on the wrong side of the pass.  I've only been in this process for just over a month but already I know that it's right and this is the satisfaction that i have been missing from my work for the last 2 years. Finally working with my hands again and finishing a full day tired but fufilled is the most amazing feeling.

Sometimes I'm not completely sure where the rollercoaster of life is taking me, but I'm trying so hard to enjoy the ride.



Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Long time no blog again ...

It's been forever yet again since I have blogged anything which I feel terrible about but I just simply had no spare time to organise my thoughts let alone put them down in a manner that even made any sense.

But recently there has been a great number of changes to my life which included quitting my full time job where I was travelling 1.5 hours each way to work on top of working a 42+ hour week, some very long and tiring days. I instead accepted a part time job that is only 15 minutes away from my house means that I have time to do a lot of things that I'd previously been putting off because I simply didn't have the time. Such as writing this blog, getting any exercise in or even cooking which I absolutely love.

I have also moved out of my parents house and in with my boyfriend who lives two hours away from my parents. We are currently living with his parent while we wait for our house to be built, which should be finish in mid July if things go perfectly to plan which in building they never do. I'm sad to leave my parents and it will be hard now that I have to make plans so see them but we are working towards our goals for the future and  living in our own home in certainly one of them. We have both lived out of home before he moved back for a better job and I moved back in on returning from Canada, so we a looking forward to our own space again and are under no illusion that it will be easy.

I also had my 26th birthday, for some reason it felt different turning 26 than it did turning 25 perhaps it's based on how much my life has changed since last year, which is a heck of a lot. I'm planning on doing a 27 before 27 post some time in the next week because I have a lot of goal for this next year of my life, and I have the feeling if I don't write then down I'm going to struggle to get them all done.

So what else is new out in the blogger world?

Wednesday, 5 December 2012


This post was inspired by Dani at Sometimes Sweet and by the the need I felt this week to get back into blogging after yet another absence.

Sunset In Tannalot, loved this part of Bali
Watching - The shows I tape on Austar during the week while I'm either at work or at the boys so that I can savour them on today when I don't start work until 5pm. It's one of my favourite parts of my late start mornings especially on days like today when it is freezing and blowing a gale outside, seriously Melbourne what happened to Summer?

Listening to - My current songs on repeat have actually both been inspired by the X-factor Australia, which the boy is getting a good laugh. Winners Single by Samantha Jade is a great pick me up and workout song I love her voice and the way this song makes me feel, its such a fun song. The one the I am obsessed with though is 'Get Along' by Guy Sebastian which I have been listening to on repeat for the past two weeks, it's amazing I can't believe that this is the same kid who won the very first Australian Idol way back in 2003. This song is brilliant and I adore the sentiment of it.

Planning - Christmas, it has completely snuck up on me this year it like I suddenly turn around and the stores were playing christmas music and it December 1st. Ahhh! Christmas is quite large in my family I still celebrate with all my uncles, aunties and cousins plus their kids and partners, and this year will be the boys first time experiencing it and I really don't know if he really understands what to expect but we will see.

Thinking about - My goals for next year, as the end of this year has snuck up on me, the planning for next year has as well, deciding down which path I personally want to head and what that means for the rest of my life, it's something I've been dwelling on ever since I returned from Canada two years ago. Who am I and what do I want to do with what I find out about myself, well I'm working on it and hopefully something will come up soon.

Reading - I'm working on trying to get some time to read, life being life at the moment there isn't a lot of free time but I am currently reading The Happiness Project, by Gretchen Rubin and I'm really enjoying it.

Making Me Happy - Getting to spend Sundays with the boy, it's the highlight of my week we just get to hang out and not do much or have adventures and it so fun, it makes the fact that I have to spend the rest of the week 2 hours away from him seem not so hard. My family, I love them that the fact that I am rarely home is something that amuses them rather than annoying them, they make me happy.

Now off to enjoy more tapped shows, yay! Hope you have a good day x

Friday, 7 September 2012

Emerging from under the rock

It finally feels like I have time to breathe after a fairly hectic last couple of weeks, the has been an immense shift in my life in regards to work and the amount of free time I have to allocated to anything in my life but I'm going to try to do better.

My little blue car sitting lonely in the car park, after a late finish 
I started a new job almost a month ago now and while I am busier, more tired and have to make appointments to see friends and family I am incredibly happy with this decision that I have made. I now work as a team leader in a quite well know family restaurant chain and even though the training schedule has been intense and my social life has shifted well into the background I am genuinely loving it.

My farewell gift from my last job very sweet of them, I will miss working with them
I'm working more and make more money and actually working at keep track where it is going which is a whole new step for me, I also have had to go through the process of buying a whole new work wardrobe though I have keep pieces that are hospitality neutral, I have also had to buy clothes that fit with the corporate casual look that is require while I am team leading my shifts. So money coming in and going out has been an issue but it is slow balancing out, I can see how my bank balance with a bit of nip-tucking and some focus on my part will be turning in my favor.

Travel has also been a big part of the past month I now have to drive about 40 minutes extra each day so my little blue car has been racking up the miles but this was always something that was going to happen when the boy lives a 300km round trip away. Also I'm counting down and hanging out for my family ( well minus my parents) trip to Bali in November, its all paid for now so just working on saving the spending money and it will be a well deserved two weeks away. My parents, the boys mum and step dad and his sisters family have all just return from trips to Bali, Fuji and Thailand respectively and as I was housesitting with the boy at his sisters I was delightful spoiled on their return with a sample pack a Nina Ricci fragrances which smells so amazing.

Driving, Driving, Driving, I alway seem to be driving
The pup exploring, the kids cubby house

The boys sisters cat, she is cra-cra-crazy, but lovely at the same time

Ponies have been missing me, or they are just looking for more carrots

My gorgeous thank you gift, love it

Monday, 30 July 2012

My life on monday

I miss last weeks scheduled monday update because I've been dealing with everything involved with changing jobs, learning a whole new menu and order method as well as an entirely different service pattern moving from cafe to restaurant. I'm thoroughly enjoying the challenge and am really excited about my first full week next week and then starting team leader training in the next month or so. Also the extra money a week will be extremely helpful in the paying done of my debt and saving some money to be able fully enjoy my holiday to Bali with my family in November.

I have also began to place a big effort and large chunk of my time on getting fit and eating cleaner, adding more fruit and vegetables into my diet and deleting a lot of the sugar that I current consume. It has only been a week and I'm already starting to notice a difference in the way I am feeling so onwards and upwards I say.

I also got to spend a great weekend with the boy in his home town last weekend which was really nice but however my phone had died so there is no photos, but we did get a chance to visit the charming maritime museum in the next town over and it was delightful we'll have to go back soon so I can get some photos to post here because the surrounds are really gorgeous.