Monday, 25 June 2012

Money Monday, the rainy day edition

So last week I felt my first earthquake and this weekk there has been so much rain and flooding that my neighboring towns have faces evacuations and complete isolation after being cut off by flood waters, hmmm maybe the Mayans had a point. Another big thing I've come face to face with this week is yet again my money situation or more accurately my attitude towards my money. I have had a credit card with a limit of over $7000 since I was 19 years old, so naturally over time it's has begun to feel like its my money rather than money lent to me by someone else that I eventually h r to pay back. Though I am in no way deny that I have not had the most amazing time over the past 6 years using it to travel the world, and to see/do things that I otherwise would of had to say no to. But here is the biggest shift that has been taking place over the past couple of week changing my way of thinking to understand that it is no longer 'my' money that is had basically been a loan that I have to pay off again because yes I have paid off over 7K in debt before and definitely plan to do it this time. But it was in a frank discussion that I was having with the boys parents last night when another new thought process was presented to me, using the banks money. For example getting paid directly into my credit card account and then using that as my regular account so using my pay to pay down the principle money owing and then using the money is the account for paying my car payments, phone bill, insurance and fuel as well as my weekly allowance. I have not put this theory into action yet but the idea is one that may definitely work for my situation. Because currently when I have money left in my savings account at the end of the week I no doubt spend it, whereas if it was in my credit card account then I would you use it because I am very aware of every cent that moves in that account. So my current plan of attack id to implement this theory in the new financial year and see if I can't go gangbusters on my credit card debt.

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