Wednesday, 4 January 2012

So its 2012, ready, set, go.....

Its 2012, I haven't had to write it on anything yet so it doesn't feel real. I have a lovely quiet new years catching up with old friends from before I flew the coop, it was great, a nice refreshing chance to be around people I don't feel are judging every word that comes out of my mouth and every action I do. It was weird seeing all my friends is such grown up roles house owners with pets, thank god none of them have kids yet or I would feel really behind the eight ball.

The weather has been tremendous and actually spent my first beach day in Australia in many years on Monday with The Canadian, it was a great time, lots of laughs and good advice shared.

This Year I Resolve to
- Worry less about things I cannot control - because I can't control it so worrying is pointless
- Do the things that I want to do and that feel right instead of doing things simply to please other people and make them happy - hard for a go with the flow people pleasing pisces like myself but trying very hard at it

Those are the main to sure there could be the standard ones like lose weight and live healthier but these I think are more important than that.

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