Friday, 6 April 2012


Obsessing Over... The Hunger Games, I've seen it once and I'm really dying to see it again, but its school holidays, the teens and tweens are scaring me away from the cinemas, but maybe I'll take my best friend on Saturday night.

Working On... making more money, I've start working with my parents again, which is great because I get to work from home and it help substitute the hours that I'm not getting at my real job, where I'm only getting part timeish hours at the moment, and I'm still looking for another part time job to make everything a little easier, and less stressful.

Thinking About ... redecorating my room, I moved into my own room at my parents in November, I've been working on making it my own space since then. I've painted, re-carpeted, and now I'm working on adding all the extra things that make it mine. All I need now is chairs, well a chair and hopefully a chaise lounge or daybed, but I'm saving up for them so it may be a while.

Anticipating ... my trip to Bali in November, its still a while away but I can't wait. I've in 4 different countries over the last 9 years but the only time I've been to Asia was through the airports and after my trip to Fiji last year I've really excited to get away again.

Listening to...

This song is great, The Treble is a band from Winnipeg and one of the members is the cousin of one of my good friends from Canada, and the video clip is pretty awesome to raise money and awareness for the red cross.

Eating... well you mean beside easter eggs and hot cross buns? Lots of seafood and stir-frys at the moment, I made delicious sweet chilli prawn fettucini and it was a big hit.
Wishing ... that I could invent teleportation because I've been really missing my canadian life over the past couple of weeks but then I love being home and being able to drive around and see my family and the growing brood of kiddies. But a Canadian adventure is definitely due in 2013 I believe or at least that will be my aim.

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  1. I want to watch The Hunger Games again too! I have a friend going to Bali this year too. I must be missing out?!