Thursday, 19 April 2012

Living (semi) out of home

Princess Polly
In the past week I’ve only spent two nights sleeping in my own bed, its been a refreshing experience helped me get my mind around things at home and solidify my goals for the future, and just given me a break from worrying about jobs and money related things.

It started by me house-sitting for my sister for weekend, well more Polly the cat sitting. She’s more the hide out and stalk you kitty rather than the lets sit on the couch and cuddle, so looking after her can be very entertaining, including her stealing my hair tie of the coffee table and me chasing her all over the house to retrieve it. I love kittens neither of our cats were ever super playful, so its nice spending time with the bundle of energy.

Lilies from the market
Watching TV and discovering new blogs
This weekend also included a visit to the local monthly market, which I love but generally miss because I’m either working or travelling around somewhere, I got some lovely flowers and a super cute new bracelet.

The Market on the waterfront

Then after arriving at work on Monday and finding out that I had no shifts until Friday, I decided after working for my mum for most of Tuesday that I would take the time to visit the boy because I’m now working all weekend so our time together would have been zero. I had such a lovely time hanging out with him and his family for 2 days it’s a lot of what I’ve been missing lately, with all the work he does with his two jobs added on to the fact that he lives 2 hours our time together is pretty precious.
Port Arlington

So I spend yesterday cruising around in his work truck for the day, which was lovely because while it may be a less than glamorous job, the area that he does in it is quite beautiful to drive through.

We also went out for dinner to a lovely newly open brewery restaurant that had amazing tapas and pizzas to go along side the boutique beer (for him) and cider (for me). It was great because it wasn’t busy so we sat around chatting with the chef and owner while enjoying some great food and drinks.

But now back to work tomorrow, what have you been up to?


  1. I've always wanted a local market around here where you could buy flowers. Those lilies are so pretty! Cat sitting is probably the funnest job ever. Well, not really, but still pretty interesting :)

    1. Cat sitting is so entertaining, I laughed to hard, she ran away with my hair tie about a dozen times pretty funny.
      I love the market I don't get to go that often but I love just wandering around and checking out all the stalls.