Sunday, 13 May 2012

Happy Mummies Day

Mum, Dad and I on one of my returns from Canada
Today, Mother's Day is a day that I am especially thankful for, even though I sent most of it at work and not with my mum I am thankful for her in every way. I have amazing parents even though my dad and I don't always see eye to eye on things and we have a tendency to rub each other the wrong way I love him dearly with all my heart. My mother on the other hand I can't remember a true fight that I have every had with her, I can only remember one occasion when I said something horrible and to this day I regret that I ever made her feel that way. She is the sweetest most caring person that I know, she would gladly give up what she has for others and is always thankful and shocked when ever someone appreciates her.

Besides raising me and my two older sisters to be who we are today, she also went back to school and is now a medically endorsed Div 2 nurse, which is pretty inspiring for me considering she had 3 kids under 4 when she was my age.

She also was brave enough to let me her little baby daughter go overseas by myself on exchange when I was only 16 (well after she convinced me to wait a year when I was 15), I was in Germany for 2 months and missed my family like crazy especially my mum, but had an amazing time that I am forever thankful for. Then she also watched me at barely 20 years old, get on a plane and fly 13,000kms away, and was there for me on my first night when I was crying down the phone thinking I'd made the biggest mistake ever. But she never told me to suck it up, she never said well just give up and get back on the plane and come home, she calmly told me what I need to hear that she loved me and missed me but that I was going to have amazing adventures and that when I went to sleep and woke up that it would be a new wonderful day. So I took her advice, I had amazing adventures of new and wonderful things for 3 years before I came home for good, but I never could have stayed if it wasn't for the love I knew she had for me even though I chose to be so far away.

Mum and Nana

So I am thankful for my mum in each and every way, each and everyday but today is just the day I use words to tell her.


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