Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Money Monday (on Tuesday)

I'm a day late on posting this because I spend most of yesterday sleeping after spending the weekend accompanying the boy on his overnight bread delivery run after working on Saturday morning so I was up from 6am Saturday till 12.30pm Sunday it was a long day/night but really fun to hang out with him and see what he does ever weekend. But driving home yesterday morning and then working all day was not so much fun, and then after going to the gym on the way home from work I was a but buggered.

Money-wise last week had ups and downs, I did manage to pay an extra $50 off my credit card but then received a fine for accidently running a red light by 1.1 seconds so that was a $305 fine and 3 demerit points off my license, which is a big whoops but I will cop it because I know I did it and it was a big mistake that I made. But $305 is a big chunk in addition to what I have to pay back, I did manage to sick to the spending fast for the most part of the week, but am unsure of how to do it when spending time with the boy. I refuse to let him pay for every thing, thats just not how we work, and the fact that we both still live at home with our parents means that there is no real chance of doing home based stuff all the time.

So does anyone have ideas for free stuff to do with the boy that we both enjoy?

Debit Level - $9,129 paid off last week $50
Also news, have job interview for second job tomorrow so wish me luck 

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